If we talk about definitions, data recovery is the methodology that allows us to obtain information (photos, videos, documents, etc.) from a damaged storage unit, and then pass this data to a functional disk.
For us, data recovery is our best ability, which we continue to improve day after day, to provide our customers with a clean, safe and 100% guaranteed process.
There are many adaptable techniques and procedures to access and recover data successfully, not only on hard disk, but also in other types of media such as: Servers, USB sticks, CD, DVD, digital cameras and many more.
The main objective in data recovery is to extract the information contained in any digital storage medium that, for various reasons, does not allow access in common, and transfer that information to another medium, so that the user can continue to enjoy of your files with total normality.
In Kelatos Informática we have more than 10 years putting into practice all the available techniques, to offer you the best solutions in data recovery, assuring you the highest percentage of satisfactory results in all of Madrid.
We have worked with the most complicated cases in:

  • Internal Hard Disk data recovery.
  • External Hard Disk data recovery.
  • Database recovery.
  • Recovery of encrypted data and much more.
    Obtaining the information in a safe way, and achieving the satisfaction of each one of our clients, for our excellent service.

Do you need help recovering your data?
The loss or inability to access information is assessed in two types of damages: Logical and Physical. When the damage to the storage medium is logical we can say that it is due to internal failures, either in the file system or by partitions, corruptions, formatting, deletion of wrong files, etc. On the other hand, when we talk about physical damage, we are referring to structural damage, such as: Falls, electric shocks, mechanical breakdowns, exposure / contact with water or fire, among others.
We as professionals in the field, we can help you whatever your case. Making a complete evaluation of the unit, to determine which methods and tools will be the most convenient to recover your data.
We can assure you that data recovery is a complex task, and if you really want to extract your information successfully you must go to us.
Only experts know that software, techniques and procedures can be applied step by step to extract information from your hard drive or storage medium. The data recovery is so fragile that, with just a small mistake, full data recovery will be at stake.
If your unit falls into the wrong hands, you could lose all your files. It is also not advisable to try to obtain the information by your own means, since a false step and you will completely lose everything. Do not trust anyone, go without wasting time to our store, or contact us by our phones, we will answer your call and clarify all your doubts in the shortest possible time.
We remind you that our first diagnosis is completely free, we will evaluate your unit and advise you so you know what the fault is and how we can help you recover your files.
Our technical staff and specialists are continually trained, to be aware of the latest trends and developments in data recovery, over more than 10 years we have had all kinds of cases and we are proud to say that both we and our clients , have been really satisfied with the impressive results.

Watch for the signs!
Typically, hard drives begin to show small signs of a malfunction, before generating a bigger failure. That’s why you should always be attentive to your computer, certain damages can be prevented by going to the experts immediately.
Some of the most common failures are:

  • Inability to access the hard disk: Although it may appear that the unit is working, sometimes it does not allow access to information. Which requires a prompt visit to the technician to assess the magnitude of the failure and solve the problems.
  • Starter motor failure: If you notice that your unit’s engine apparently performs its normal rotation, but these start attempts do not work, do not try to open the unit! Take it immediately to our technical service to do an express check.
  • Performance deterioration: If you notice that the performance of your unit has decreased, it takes time to load the programs, and it takes a long time to read the files, it is most likely that your hard drive is showing early signs of a malfunction. Before it is too late, ask for help from the experts, so you will avoid a bigger failure in the near future.
  • Sounds when starting the unit: If when you turn on your computer, you hear a beep that you didn’t do before, you must be very alert and go as soon as possible to Kelatos Informática. When a disc begins to emit sounds, it is synonymous with an impending hard disk failure, we are waiting for you in our store to guide you step by step and solve this problem at the moment.
  • Sudden hard disk failure: Although there are many discs that show signs of a possible failure, others do not, producing the error once and for all and preventing access to your computer. If this happens to you we wait for you in our store, we will make our diagnosis and we will tell you what the solution to your problem is at no cost.

In Kelatos Informática, you will not only find the most complete expert and specialized staff, you will also check that we have the best rates, service and guarantee in all of Madrid.
We are committed to offer you the most effective and economical solutions in data recovery on hard drives of any brand and model.
Locate us in our strategic location in the Barrio de Chamberí, Calle de Joaquín María López, 26, 28015 Madrid (Near the Philippine Islands subway station), we have easy access and free parking, so that you feel comfortable visiting us. Our phone: 914 468 503 is available to answer your call and answer any questions.
Come now! We are waiting for you… Be one more of our clients and enjoy a true Premium Technical Service.

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